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Since the start of 2017 The Galley (formally Compass Coffee) began to migrate from single use plastics wherever possible. With the arrival of the Volvo Ocean Race in 2017 that brought a plastic free message, many of the amazing Penarth based businesses also adopted the ethos.


2019 has seen The Galley initiative of eliminating single use plastic in our takeaway products almost at a 100% success. We have currently removed 95% of all single use plastics from our takeaway containers and cups.

Our most used takeaway vessel is our coffee cups, which as highlighted in the UK press during 2018 account for a huge amount of non-recyclable disposable items in the UK - 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away every year, pretty much most of which cannot be recycled.



At The Galley we replaced our takeaway coffee cups with 100% biodegradable cups which use a starch lining in place of plastic. We also sourced 100% compostable cup lids made from plants, massively reducing the environmental impact made by our coffee shop.


Take-away containers were replaced with 100% biodegradable/compostable containers/bags made from plants, containing no plastics. Our fizzy drinks bottles have been made of glass since 2017, our straws have always been either made from paper or plant based and our take-away cutlery have always been made from either wood or plant based materials.

2019 will see The Galley push to be 100% free of single use plastics. We have already moved to reduce single use plastics from our local suppliers plan to further reduce all single use plastics that come to us. We’re so happy to see the amazing businesses of Penarth pushing for the same and hope that together we can become single use plastic free in the next few years.

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