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Cronut sale times

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Here you will find the times (and days) that our cronut store is open for sales. You can access the cronut store by clicking on the 'Order-Cronuts' link from our site's menu (or by Clicking Here).

When you access the page you will see that it shows a message saying 'We don’t have any products to show here right now'. This is because we hide all the cronut products and only make them visible for sale on the time set for the day.

This gives everyone a fair chance.

Our days/times of purchase are as follows:

Pre-Orders 1pm:

Tuesday (for Friday Delivery)

Wednesday (for Saturday delivery)

Thursday (for Sunday delivery)

General Orders 12pm:

Friday (for same day delivery)

Saturday (for same day delivery)

Sunday (for same day delivery)

At the times stated above, refresh your page and the cronuts will appear. Even though they are there, you must act fast. These sweet treats have been quoted on our Instagram page as being 'harder to get than Glastonbury tickets'.

Make your flavour selection, then choose a quantity. Proceed through the checkout and on payment completion your cronuts are yours. On a rare occasion, if two people complete the checkout process at pretty much exactly the same time, the system may oversell. In this circumstance we will accept the order that was placed first. The last order will be adjusted and a partial or full refund issued (we will call you before we do this, if this does ever happen).

Now you have the knowledge you need to make your cronut purchase, just be at the cronut store page at the day and time you want them (refer to the above opening times) and remember, act quickly.

Good luck... And may the odds ever be in your flavour!

TIP: Once you have access to the cronut store, click the arrow next to your name on the top right hand side of the screen to access the members only menu. Here you can save your address to save time during the checkout process and increase your chances of bagging your cronuts. Once you go through the checkout process for the first time you will have the option to save your card details for future purchases. Do this if you plan on making future cronut purchases, this will increase your chances of a successful purchase further as you will not have to manually enter your address or card details.

COVID-19 NOTE: During the travel restrictions imposed by the UK Government, we will only allow access to all CF64 postcodes and some postcodes starting with CF10 and CF11. All other accounts will be put on temporary hold, but will remain active. Once the travel restrictions have been lifted, all accounts on hold will be granted immediate access to the cronut store where you can purchase your cronuts for collection.

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