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The Galley and the Egg Hunt

The lockdown is in full swing and the team at The Galley are going to try and make the lockdown a little bit more bearable for our customers.

The team have been coming up with ways to keep you entertained and we've come up with The Galley's fun answer to pass time, The Great Egg Hunt.

The egg hunt begins by finding the hidden red egg. The egg is hidden on one of The Galley's website pages. Once you're on the right page the egg will appear and the hunt begins. Click on the egg to reveal the first puzzle of the hunt. The correct answer is then entered at the end of our URL after a forward slash (

The hunt ends when you find the golden egg. Solve all the puzzles and when the golden egg presents itself, you will be rewarded with a 10% off voucher for your next order.

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