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We're hoping to get cronuts in for next week, but due to the current COVID-19 global travel measures in place, our baker is finding it increasingly difficult to get regular supplies.

We are hoping to get another batch in next week, but we won't know until at least Monday if that will happen. We'll keep you updated here.

In the mean time, our store will be open for cronut sales at 12pm Saturday & Sunday. These purchases will be delivered on the same day they are ordered.

You also have the option of collecting your cronuts, but only if you're passing by whilst on either your daily exercise or while you're out getting food. We do not want to encourage anyone to leave their homes for nonessential journeys.

If you do collect your cronuts from our store, please park in our car park, remain inside your car and call us on 02920 710 172. One of our staff will then place your cronut box on our wall, once the staff member is back at the door you can then collect your order (this is a measure to keep both you and our staff as safe as can be).

Keep checking back here for more updates on our cronut stock information and please stay safe.

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